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The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS) sits proudly at the core of Virginia Tech. In our place at the hub, we are privileged to touch, and be touched by, every undergraduate student (and many graduate students) who becomes part of the Hokie community. Where our students, faculty, and colleagues come together, connections are made—within the college and throughout the university—and are borne with us into the wider world. 

An active, diverse, and vibrant contributor to the institutional whole, CLAHS attends laudably to all three prominent university domains—teaching, discovery, and engagement. Its scope and breadth of interest are evident not just in the people who comprise it or the broad range of endeavor manifest throughout and beyond it, but also in the realms of discipline housed within it. Consider the amazing enhancements our world has received from those involved in the arts and humanities, the commitments we have made to justice and equality by way of the social and human sciences. And where would any of us be without educators?

We are committed to teaching, to passing on the varied and precious wealth of knowledge we as a college possess, and of our ability to enrich the world through its sharing. Our ongoing engagement with learning continues to inspire teacher and student alike, and research activity spanning every kind of creative, scholarly, social, and education inquiry provides empirical evidence for the solid foundations of our work.

We welcome you to explore our pages, visit us one-on-one, and to come Invent the Future with us!

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is to illuminate human experience and expression through discovery, learning, and engagement.  The College creates works of lasting scholarly, cultural, and aesthetic value, and empowers individuals to engage critically with the complexities of a diverse, global society.  The College fosters the inquiry, innovation, and growth that produce individual and social transformation.


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